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Brothers Flooring company of Denver, specializes in domestic and exotic hardwood floor installation and refinishing with an emphasis on dust containment as well as hardwood staircases, in and around the Denver metro area at 303-366-0721.

If you desire the Quality Look and Feel of Exotic hardwood flooring like Brazilian Cherry, Ebony, Maple, Santos Mahogany, or even Cork, and Bamboo, look no further than Brothers Flooring to help you find the hottest trends in the Hardwood flooring industry. We invite you to read what other satisfied customers have had to say about us on our Testimonials page.

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We encourage you to see why we are one of the primere flooring companies in the Denver metro area because of the quality, craftsmanship and pride that we put into every project that we undertake. Call 303-366-0721 TODAY for your free Estimate.

Hardwood flooring is our “passion” because of the warmth and beauty that it brings to any residence or commercial business. When you think of beautiful Colorado hardwood floors think of Brothers Flooring company as the solution to provide hardwood products and services for you in your home or place of business. Hardwood floors beautify any environment whether it is residential or commercial!

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Denver Hardwood Floor Species by Brothers Flooring

Wood is a dynamic medium. Like all organic materials, it has character and quirks, responds to its environment, and changes over time. Because of its “personality,” wood should be treated with understanding and a certain amount of care. For hardwood flooring professionals, knowing about the properties of wood in general, as
well as those of individual wood species, is critical to proper installation. For consumers, it’s important to have realistic expectations about how wood will perform.

Most wood used for flooring is essentially a byproduct of more expensive wood-consuming industries (furniture manufacture, for example), so it is usually not the highest grade of lumber. However, it is quite economical in comparison.

The following publication by the National Wood Flooring Association provides an overview of the mechanical and physical properties of wood, followed by more detailed information on several species used in flooring. In selecting the species described, the aim has been to offer a fair sampling of some of today’s most popular woods. Other species may be included in later editions of this publication. Click Here to READ MORE…

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Water and Wood by Brothers Flooring

Excessive moisture in the interior environment or from beneath the floor can cause wood flooring to take on moisture. The result can be a “cupped” floor. To learn more about water and your hardwood flooring we have provided a publication by the National Wood Flooring Association that explains, in detail, the effects that water can have on your hardwood floors. Click Here to READ MORE about Water and Hardwoods…

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